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Announcing a Hydrogeology Journal theme issue on "The future of hydrogeology"

August 1, 2003

What is the future of hydrogeology? Are most of the fundamental scientific problems in hydrogeology already solved? Is there really any need for more fundamental research, field measurements, or method development? Have recent scientific advances really added capabilities and tools for our practical needs? Are there any unsolved hydrogeologic questions still remaining that are vital to our optimal use and management of subsurface resources or does the remaining work only fill in some details to a story essentially already told? Will the science of hydrogeology soon become primarily an applied field, where the main task is to use known methods to solve practical problems of water supply and water quality? For other questions involving subsurface fluids, for example, waste isolation, understanding of geological processes and climate changes, are current hydrogeologic capabilities sufficient and is there any possibility for improvement? These are the types of questions that will be dealt with by an upcoming theme issue of Hydrogeology Journal (HJ) to appear in early 2005 [HJ 13(1)]. This issue will contain 10–20 peer-reviewed invited articles on both general topics and specific subject areas of hydrogeology.

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