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Bigheaded carps : a biological synopsis and environmental risk assessment

August 1, 2007

The book is a detailed risk assessment and biological synopsis of the bigheaded carps of the genus Hypophthalmichthys, which includes the bighead, silver, and largescale silver carps. It summarizes the scientific literature describing their biology, ecology, uses, ecological effects, and risks to the environment.

Includes information on taxonomy and distinguishing characteristics, hybrids, native and introduced ranges, temperature and salinity tolerances, fecundity, sexual maturity and mating behavior, spawning, early development, feeding habits, growth rate and longevity, response to physical stimuli, associated diseases and parasites, human uses, environmental effects, potential range, population control measures. Summarizes United States federal and state regulations, and assesses the risk posed by these species in the United States.

Publication Year 2007
Title Bigheaded carps : a biological synopsis and environmental risk assessment
Authors Cindy S. Kolar, Duane Chapman, Walter R. Courtenay, Christine M. Housel, James D. Williams, Dawn P. Jennings
Publication Type Book
Publication Subtype Monograph
Series Number 33
Index ID 70161142
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse
USGS Organization Southeast Ecological Science Center