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Duane C Chapman

Duane Chapman is a Fish Biologist at the Columbia Environmental Research Center.

From 2002 - 2021, Duane led a team have focused on the biology and control of bighead, silver, black, and grass carps and other invasive aquatic species. He is now working part time, completing writing projects, mentoring, and assisting in risk assessments and other partner collaborations. His research and that of his team has focused on improvement of capture, harvest, and early detection methodologies, use of eDNA to estimate abundance and detect spawning, the use of early life history and spawning behavior of carp for the development of control techniques, and risk assessments. His research is global in focus, and integrates information and research from around the world to address invasive species problems in the United States. As he moves toward anticipated full retirement in 2024, the team he led is now guided by Dr. Jesse Fischer. 

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