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Bridge-Scour Data Management System user's manual

January 1, 1994

The Bridge-Scour Data Management System (BSDMS) supports preparation, compilation, and analysis of bridge-scour data. The BSDMS provides interactive storage, retrieval, selection, editing, and display of bridge-scour data sets. Bridge-scour data sets include more than 200 site and measurement attributes of the channel geometry, flow hydraulics, hydrology, sediment, geomorphic-setting, location, and bridge specifications.

This user's manual provides a general overview of the structure and organization of BSDMS data sets and detailed instructions to operate the program. Attributes stored by the BSDMS are described along with an illustration of the input screen where the attribute can be entered or edited. Measured scour depths can be compared with scour depths predicted by selected published equations using the BSDMS. The selected published equations available in the computational portion of the BSDMS are described. This manual is written for BSDMS, version 2.0. The data base will facilitate: (1) developing improved estimators of scour for specific regions or conditions; (2) describing scour processes; and (3) reducing risk from scour at bridges.

BSDMS is available in DOS and UNIX versions. The program was written to be portable and, therefore, can be used on multiple computer platforms. Installation procedures depend on the computer platform, and specific installation instructions are distributed with the software. Sample data files and data sets of 384 pier-scour measurements from 56 bridges in 14 States are also distributed with the software.