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Chapter 3: Television observations from Surveyor VI

March 1, 1968

Surveyor VI landed on the lunar surface at 01:01:05 GMT on day 314 (November 10, 1967) in the southwestern part of Sinus Medii near the center of the visible face of the Moon. Over 30,000 pictures were transmitted from the spacecraft during the first lunar day of operation. The number of pictures taken by Surveyor VI almost equals the total number of pictures returned from the previous Surveyor missions combined. The pictures were received at the Goldstone, California, Canberra, Australia, and Madrid, Spain, tracking stations of the Deep Space Network.

Publication Year 1968
Title Chapter 3: Television observations from Surveyor VI
Authors E. C. Morris, R. M. Batson, H. E. Holt, J. J. Rennilson, Eugene Merle Shoemaker, E. A. Whitaker
Publication Type Book Chapter
Publication Subtype Book Chapter
Index ID 70227017
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse