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Chapter 3: Television observations from Surveyor VII

May 1, 1968

Surveyor VII, the last spacecraft of the Surveyor series, successfully landed at 01:05:36 GMT, January 10, 1968, on the outer rim flank of the large crater Tycho, in the southern part of the Moon. The spacecraft landed about 30 hours after local lunar sunrise and transmitted about 21,000 pictures during the remainder of the first lunar day of operation. On January 22, after local sunset, almost 700 pictures were taken of the Earth, the Sun's corona and parts of the lunar surface illuminated by earthlight. On February 12, Surveyor VII was revived for operation on the second lunar day approximately 120 hours after local lunar sunrise. The camera was then operated in the 200-line (low-resolution) mode because of loss in horizontal sweep in the 600-line (high-resolution) mode. About 45 pictures were taken in the 200-line mode during the second lunar day before loss of power caused suspension of camera operation.

Publication Year 1968
Title Chapter 3: Television observations from Surveyor VII
Authors Eugene Merle Shoemaker, R. M. Batson, H. E. Holt, E. C. Morris, J. J. Rennilson, E. A. Whitaker
Publication Type Book Chapter
Publication Subtype Book Chapter
Index ID 70227018
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse