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Chemical analyses of hot springs, pools, geysers, and surface waters from Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, and vicinity, 1974-1975

January 1, 1994

This report presents all analytical determinations for samples collected from Yellowstone
National Park and vicinity during 1974 and 1975. Water temperature, pH, Eh, and dissolved O2
were determined on-site. Total alkalinity and F were determined on the day of sample collection.
Flame atomic-absorption spectrometry was used to determine concentrations of Li, Na, K, Ca, and
Mg. Ultraviolet/visible spectrophotometry was used to determine concentrations of Fe(II), Fe(III),
As(III), and As(V). Direct-current plasma-optical-emission spectrometry was used to determine the
concentrations of B, Ba, Cd, Cs, Cu, Mn, Ni, Pb, Rb, Sr, and Zn. Two samples collected from
Yellowstone Park in June 1974 were used as reference samples for testing the plasma analytical
method. Results of these tests demonstrate acceptable precision for all detectable elements. Charge
imbalance calculations revealed a small number of samples that may have been subject to
measurement errors in pH or alkalinity. These data represent some of the most complete analyses
of Yellowstone waters available.

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