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Estimated use of water in South Dakota, 2000

January 1, 2003

During 2000, the total amount of water withdrawn from ground- and surface-water sources in South Dakota was about 528 Mgal/d (million gallons per day). Of this amount, about 222 Mgal/d, or 42 percent of the total, was from ground water. Surface-water withdrawals were about 306 Mgal/d, or 58 percent of the total.

Total withdrawals for six categories of offstream use in South Dakota during 2000 were compiled. The withdrawals include: 93.3 Mgal/d for public supply, 9.53 Mgal/d for self-supplied domestic, 5.12 Mgal/d for industrial, 372.7 Mgal/d for irrigation, 5.24 Mgal/d for thermoelectric power, and 42.0 Mgal/d for livestock.

Water use for hydroelectric power was the only instream use compiled in this report. About 57,794 Mgal/d was used by the hydroelectric powerplants to generate about 6,151 gigawatt-hours of electricity during 2000.