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Estimated withdrawals and use of freshwater in New Hampshire, 1990

January 10, 1995

Estimated freshwater withdrawals during 1990 in New Hampshire totaled about 422 million gallons per day from ground-water and surface-water sources. The largest withdrawals were for thermoelectric-power generation (60 percent), public supply (23 percent), and industrial use (9 percent). Most withdrawals, 358 million gallons per day, were made from surface- water sources, as compared to 63.7 million gallons per day from ground-water sources. The largest with- drawals were in the Merrimack river basin (322 million gallons per day). An additional 46,000 million gallons per day was used instream for hydroelectric-power generation, primarily in the Upper Androscoggin and Upper Connecticut River subbasins. Other information describing water-use patterns is shown in tables, bar graphs, pie charts, maps, and accompanying text. The data are aggregated by river basin (hydrologic cataloging unit), and all values are reported in million gallons per day.