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Estimating flow-duration statistics and low-flow frequencies for selected streams and the implementation of a StreamStats web-based tool in Puerto Rico

June 28, 2021

Daily mean streamflow data from 28 U.S. Geological Survey streamflow-gaging stations in Puerto Rico with 10 or more years of unregulated or minimally affected flow record through water year 2018 were used to develop regression equations for flow duration and annual n-day low-flow statistics. Ordinary least-squares and generalized least-squares regression techniques were used to develop regional regression equations for flow-duration statistics at the 99th, 98th, 95th, 90th, 80th, 70th, 60th, and 50th percent exceedance probabilities and annual n-day low-flow frequency statistics for the 1-, 7-, 14-, and 30-day mean low flows with the 2-year (0.5 nonexceedance probability), 5-year (0.2 nonexceedance probability), and 10-year (0.1 nonexceedance probability) recurrence intervals. A StreamStats web application was developed to estimate basin and climatic characteristics for the regional regression equation analysis. Basin and climatic characteristics determined to be significant explanatory variables in one or more regression equations included drainage area, mean total annual reference evapotranspiration, and minimum basin elevation. The adjusted coefficient of determination for the flow-duration regression equations ranged from 57.7 to 81.4 percent. The pseudo coefficient of determination for the annual n-day low-flow regression equations ranged from 64.6 to 70.7 percent. The StreamStats web application incorporates the flow duration, and annual n-day low-flow regression equations and can provide streamflow estimates for most ungaged sites in the island.

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