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Everglades Depth Estimation Network (EDEN) Applications: Tools to View, Extract, Plot, and Manipulate EDEN Data

July 29, 2009

The Everglades Depth Estimation Network (EDEN) is an integrated system of real-time water-level monitoring, ground-elevation data, and water-surface elevation modeling to provide scientists and water managers with current on-line water-depth information for the entire freshwater part of the greater Everglades. To assist users in applying the EDEN data to their particular needs, a series of five EDEN tools, or applications (EDENapps), were developed. Using EDEN's tools, scientists can view the EDEN datasets of daily water-level and ground elevations, compute and view daily water depth and hydroperiod surfaces, extract data for user-specified locations, plot transects of water level, and animate water-level transects over time. Also, users can retrieve data from the EDEN datasets for analysis and display in other analysis software programs. As scientists and managers attempt to restore the natural volume, timing, and distribution of sheetflow in the wetlands, such information is invaluable. Information analyzed and presented with these tools is used to advise policy makers, planners, and decision makers of the potential effects of water management and restoration scenarios on the natural resources of the Everglades.