Heather Henkel


Principal Investigator (2000-present): “South Florida Information Access (SOFIA) Metadata, Data Delivery, Everglades Depth Estimation Network (EDEN) Geospatial System, and Website in Support of Greater Everglades Restoration” project:

  • Manages all data and information produced by Greater Everglades Priority Ecosystems Science and other associated federal, state, and local agencies in south Florida
  • Provides strategic direction, leadership, and support to the development, implementation and management of both the SOFIA and EDEN data management systems and websites
  • Develop partnerships with local Federal, State and non-governmental agencies to enable collaboration and data integration throughout the greater Everglades

Southeast Regional Science Data Coordinator (as part of the Science Data Coordinator Network)

Member of USGS Council for Data Integration (CDI)

Co-lead on USGS Council for Data Integration (CDI) Data Management Working Group

Member of DataONE's Community Engagement and Education Working Group



  • BS Geology, University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • MS Information Technology Management, Carnegie Mellon

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