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Executive summary and annotated bibliography of selected references from “Microbial and viral indicators of pathogens and human health risks from recreational exposure to waters impaired by fecal contamination” with related project ideas for Gwinnett Coun

April 7, 2021

This document was prepared in cooperation with Gwinnett County, Georgia, to supplement the journal article “Microbial and Viral Indicators of Pathogens and Human Health Risks from Recreational Exposure to Waters Impaired by Fecal Contamination” (published in Journal of Sustainable Water in the Built Environment). The document includes an executive summary of the article, project ideas for Gwinnett County to enhance its bacterial monitoring program, and an annotated bibliography of selected references from the article. Although tailored to Gwinnett County, the project ideas are based on the state of the science of monitoring for fecal-associated pathogens and pathogen indicators in impaired surface waters and may be of interest to water resources divisions of other municipalities.