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Anna M Mckee


Ph.D., Forestry and Natural Resources - University of Georgia 

B.Sc.,  Biological Science - Colorado State University

Research Background and Interests

My research background is primarily in molecular ecology. Early projects as a laboratory technician at the Savannah River Ecology Lab included developing microsatellite loci for a Peromyscus genome mapping project and using microsatellites to estimate the frequency of multiple paternity in alligators. My dissertation research at the University of Georgia focused on investigating the relationships between species and genetic diversity of pond-breeding amphibian communities, and the association between these scales of diversity and surrounding landscape features.

Since joining USGS, my research interests have pivoted to the use environmental DNA for detecting species of interest. Projects have included screening isolated wetlands throughout the southeastern U.S. for imperiled pond-breeding amphibians, comparing results between traditional fish and invertebrate survey methods with eDNA metabarcoding methods, and determining sources of fecal contamination in National Park waterways in the southeastern U.S.

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