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FLOwPER user guide—For collection of FLOw PERmanence field observations

August 3, 2020

The accurate mapping of streams and their streamflow conditions in terms of presence or absence of surface water is important to both understanding physical, chemical, and biological processes in streams and to managing land, water, and ecological resources. This document describes a field form, FLOwPER (FLOw PERmanence), available within a mobile application (app), for standardized data collection of the presence or absence of surface flow in streams. The FLOwPER Database is a publicly available geodataset that can be used for research and management applications. This document provides instructions on how to (1) access and download the FLOwPER field form within the mobile app service, (2) use and complete a FLOwPER field form, and (3) view and download data from the FLOwPER Database.