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Geochemical modeling for mine site characterization and remediation

December 29, 2017

Geochemical Modeling for Mine Site Characterization and Remediation is the fourth of six volumes in the Management Technologies for Metal Mining Infl uenced Water series about technologies for management of metal mine and metallurgical process drainage.

This handbook describes the important components of hydrogeochemical modeling for mine environments, primarily those mines where sulfi de minerals are present—metal mines and coal mines.

It provides general guidelines on the strengths and limitations of geochemical modeling and an overview of its application to the hydrogeochemistry of both unmined mineralized sites and those contaminated from mineral extraction and mineral processing.

The handbook includes an overview of the models behind the codes, explains vital geochemical computations, describes several modeling processes, provides a compilation of codes, and gives examples of their application, including both successes and failures.

Hydrologic modeling is also included because mining contaminants most often migrate by surface water and groundwater transport, and contaminant concentrations are a function of water residence time as well as pathways.

This is an indispensable resource for mine planners and engineers, environmental managers, land managers, consultants, researchers, government regulators, nongovernmental organizations, students, stakeholders, and anyone with an interest in mining influenced water.

Publication Year 2017
Title Geochemical modeling for mine site characterization and remediation
Publication Type Book
Publication Subtype Handbook
Index ID 70239142
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse
USGS Organization WMA - Earth System Processes Division