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Geomorphology of coastal sand dunes, Baldwin County, Alabama

January 1, 1989

Alabama's coastal eolian deposits are primarily vegetated dunes that are exemplified by sand ridges with flat to undulating upper surfaces and continuous irregular crests. Dune fields occur along Morgan peninsula between the foredune line and Little Lagoon and the Mobile Bay area. These dune fields consist primarily of one or more continuous ridges that parallel the coast and are generally vegetaed to grassy. Washover of the beach and backshore during Hurricane Frederic (1979) and subsequent smaller scale storms resulted in significant erosion of many of Alabama's dune fields. The primary dunes or foredunes are beginning to recover from the effects of these storms; however, numerous breaks in the primary dune line are present. Sand dunes in coastal Alabama provide protection against storm-generated waves and washover. The foredunes are protected by adherence to a Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) or construction setback line identified by markers along coastal Baldwin County.

Publication Year 1989
Title Geomorphology of coastal sand dunes, Baldwin County, Alabama
Authors Bennett L. Bearden, Richard L. Hummell, Robert M. Mink
Publication Type Conference Paper
Publication Subtype Conference Paper
Index ID 70015469
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse