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Helicopter Electromagnetic and Magnetic Geophysical Survey Data, Oakland, Ashland, and Firth Study Areas, Eastern Nebraska, March 2007

May 15, 2008

This report is a digital data release for a helicopter electromagnetic and magnetic survey that was conducted during March 2007 in three 93-square-kilometer (36-square-mile) areas of eastern Nebraska as part of a joint State of Nebraska and U.S. Geological Survey study. The objective of the survey is to improve the understanding of the relationship between surface-water and ground-water systems critical to developing water resource management programs. The electromagnetic equipment consisted of six different coil-pair orientations that measured electrical resistivity at separate frequencies from about 400 hertz to about 115,000 hertz. The electromagnetic data were converted to electrical resistivity geo-referenced grids and maps, each representing different approximate depths of investigation for each area. The range of subsurface investigation is comparable to the depth of shallow aquifers. The three areas selected for the study, Ashland, Firth, and Oakland, have glacial terrains and bedrock that typify different hydrogeologic settings for surface water and ground water in eastern Nebraska. The geophysical and hydrologic information from U.S. Geological Survey studies are being used by resource managers to develop ground-water resource plans for the area.