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Igneous rocks of the Indian ocean floor

January 1, 1965

Four dredge hauls from near the crest and from the eastern flank of the seismically active Mid-Indian Ocean Ridge at 23° to 24°S, at depths of 3700 to 4300 meters, produced only low-potassium tholeiitic basalt similar in chemical and mineralogic composition to basalts characteristic of ridges and rises in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. A fifth haul, from a depth of 4000 meters on the lower flank of a seamount on the ocean side of the Indonesian Trench, recovered tholeiitic basalt with higher concentrations of K and Ti and slightly lower amounts of Si and Ca than the typical-oceanic tholeiite of the ridge. The last sample is vesicular, suggesting depression of the area since the basalt was emplaced. Many of the rocks dredged are variously decomposed and hydrated, but there is no evidence of important chemical modification toward conversion of the lava flows to spilite during extrusion or solidification.

Publication Year 1965
Title Igneous rocks of the Indian ocean floor
DOI 10.1126/science.150.3696.605
Authors C.G. Engel, R.L. Fischer, A.E.J. Engel
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Science
Index ID 70010808
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse