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Interpretation of Na-K-Mg relations in geothermal waters

January 1, 1990

When using a Na-K-???Mg triangular diagram as an aid in the interpretation of a geothermal water, the estimated temperature of last water-rock equilibration may change by as much as 50??C, depending on which of the many Na/K geothermometers one assumes is correct. A particular geothermometer may work well in one place and not in another because of differences in the mineralogy of the phases that are in contact with the reservoir fluid. The position of the full equilibrium line that is used for geothermometry and for assessing degrees of departure from equilibrium also changes as the assumed K/???Mg geothermometer equation changes. The degree of ambiguity can be evaluated by utilizing the results of all the recently published Na/K geothermometers on a single Na-K-???Mg triangular plot.

Citation Information

Publication Year 1990
Title Interpretation of Na-K-Mg relations in geothermal waters
Authors R. O. Fournier
Publication Type Conference Paper
Publication Subtype Conference Paper
Index ID 70015916
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse