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Monitoring the status and trends of the Shenandoah salamander in Shenandoah National Park

February 1, 2021

The Shenandoah salamander (Plethodon shenandoah) is a federally endangered salamander whose distribution is restricted to high-elevation habitats in Shenandoah National Park (SHEN). During the ranking of vital signs monitoring priorities for this park, “Federal Threatened and Endangered Species” received the 2nd highest ranking for terrestrial vital signs because of ecological, management, and policy criteria. The following protocol narrative describes the objectives and methods for monitoring the Shenandoah salamander. Because the range size and habitat occupancy are of principle interest, this protocol generates data suitable for estimating the annual proportion of occupied habitat across the species range. Objectives focus on describing the status and trends of the species distribution (i.e., spatial extent) and the proportion of the range that is occupied (i.e., density of occupied sites). To do so, monitoring sites in the core and the edge of the known range are surveyed for salamanders multiple times during both the spring and fall. The resulting data not only allow for an assessment of the status and trends of the species but also provide supporting data to assist in understanding causal drivers of population change.

This monitoring protocol consists of a protocol narrative and eight standard operating procedures (SOPs) which are listed below in the Background and Objectives and are available as separate documents at

Publication Year 2021
Title Monitoring the status and trends of the Shenandoah salamander in Shenandoah National Park
DOI 10.36967/nrr-2284516
Authors Evan H. Campbell Grant, Adrianne Brand, John E. B. Wofford
Publication Type Report
Publication Subtype Federal Government Series
Series Title Natural Resource Report
Series Number NPS/SHEN/NRR-2021/2226
Index ID 70248832
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse
USGS Organization Eastern Ecological Science Center