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Physical oceanography of continental shelves

December 31, 1983

Knowledge of the physical oceanography of continental shelves has increased tremendously in recent years, primarily as a result of new current and hydrographic measurements made in locations where no comparable measurements existed previously. In general, observations from geographically distinct continental shelves have shown that the nature of the flow may vary considerably from region to region. Although some characteristics, such as the response of currents to wind forcing, are common to many shelves, the relative importance of various physical processes in influencing the shelf flow field frequently is different. In the last several years, the scientific literature on shelf studies has expanded rapidly, with that for separate regions, to some extent, developing independently because of the variable role played by different physical effects.

Citation Information

Publication Year 1983
Title Physical oceanography of continental shelves
DOI 10.1029/RG021i005p01149
Authors J. S. Allen, Robert C. Beardsley, J. Blanton, William C. Boicourt, Bradford Butman, L. K. Coachman, Adriana Huyer, Thomas H. Kinder, Thomas C. Royer, J. Schumacher, Robert L. Smith, W. Sturges, Clinton D. Winant
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Reviews of Geophysics and Space Physics
Index ID 70195409
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse
USGS Organization Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center