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Rectified images of selected geologic maps in the Northern Rockies Area, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Wyoming

January 1, 1994

Selected geologic maps covering parts of the Northern Rocky Mountains and adjacent areas were converted to raster images and georeferenced (rectified) for use in a geographic information system (GIS). These rectified images were created for the purpose of visually comparing published geologic maps with other geospatial information. However, they cannot be queried or used for spatial analysis thus limiting their use in a GIS. The 42 georeferenced images included in this report range in scale from 1:250,000 to 1:100,000.Tagged Image Format (TIFF) images of the maps were generated by scanning an original paper map or converting previously published Portable Document Format (PDF) images or Encapsulated Post-Script (EPS) files. To reduce file size and minimize image overlap, the TIFF images were cropped, and then rectified using ArcMap? 8 and converted to MrSID? images. Information in the explanation and cross sections can be viewed in un-rectified images of the original publications that are included with this report. In addition, the text in the map unit description along with the unit name, map label, and a citation are organized in a searchable PDF file.