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Time-dependence of sea-ice concentration and multiyear ice fraction in the Arctic Basin

January 1, 1978

The time variation of the sea-ice concentration and multiyear ice fraction within the pack ice in the Arctic Basin is examined, using microwave images of sea ice recently acquired by the Nimbus-5 spacecraft and the NASA CV-990 airborne laboratory. The images used for these studies were constructed from data acquired from the Electrically Scanned Microwave Radiometer (ESMR) which records radiation from earth and its atmosphere at a wavelength of 1.55 cm. Data are analyzed for four seasons during 1973-1975 to illustrate some basic differences in the properties of the sea ice during those times. Spacecraft data are compared with corresponding NASA CV-990 airborne laboratory data obtained over wide areas in the Arctic Basin during the Main Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint Experiment (1975) to illustrate the applicability of passive-microwave remote sensing for monitoring the time dependence of sea-ice concentration (divergence). These observations indicate significant variations in the sea-ice concentration in the spring, late fall and early winter. In addition, deep in the interior of the Arctic polar sea-ice pack, heretofore unobserved large areas, several hundred kilometers in extent, of sea-ice concentrations as low as 50% are indicated. ?? 1978 D. Reidel Publishing Company.

Publication Year 1978
Title Time-dependence of sea-ice concentration and multiyear ice fraction in the Arctic Basin
DOI 10.1007/BF00913881
Authors P. Gloersen, H.J. Zwally, A.T.C. Chang, D.K. Hall, W. J. Campbell, R.O. Ramseier
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Boundary-Layer Meteorology
Index ID 70012715
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse