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What do YOU want to discover? On this page we highlight three explorations 100 years apart and encourage you to become an explorer too.

Paper Explorer Series

Paper Explorer Series

Learn about famous explorers and download your own to take on adventures with you. We'd love to see where they go, so please share their adventures on Instagram and tag us @USGS_YES. 

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Be An Explorer Campaign

Be An Explorer Campaign

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1869: John Wesley Powell leads a team of explorers on a 1000 mile river voyage from Green River CO all the way through the Grand Canyon! They would encounter many challenges along the way, but also learn many things about this marvelous river basin that bisects the western states. John Wesley Powell later became the 2nd director of the USGS.

1969: After years of hard work, great successes and terrible failures, US Astronauts landed on the moon. Of course you know that NASA sent them, but did you know that USGS scientists trained them? No one knew what the surface of the moon would be like, so USGS scientists taught the astronauts geology, and helped them learn to walk in space suits over uneven, rocky ground.

2069: How old will you be in  2069, and where will US exploration be? Perhaps that year, or a little sooner, or a little later, NASA and the USGS will be celebrating our exploration of Mars, and maybe you will be a part of that. What will we find there? We know more than we knew about the moon because we have been exploring Mars. One place John Wesley Powell would sure want to go is the grand canyon of Mars - Valles Marineris.