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Grade 6-8: Water

General Water || Floods

General Water

USGS Water Science School- Activities and Photos
The best starting point for a wealth of general information about water science. What is water? What are its properties and how are they measured? How is water used? How does the USGS measure streamflow and collect water samples? A glossary, picture gallery, and activity center are among the many additional features.

USGS Water Data Discovery- Background Information
Go here to find historical and real-time water data for classroom use. For data from a specific river or stream, the interactive National Water Information System Mapper is a good starting point.

Water Use in the United States- Background Information
How much water do we use in the United States? How do those numbers change over a 5 year period?


USGS Flood Information- Background Information
The best starting point for information about current and past floods. Includes links to alerts, maps, photographs, and videos.

What is a 100-Year Flood?- Background Information
The term "100-year flood" is part of the national lexicon, but is often a source of confusion. Download and/or print this free poster that attempts to explain the concept, probabilistic nature, and inherent uncertainties of the "100-year flood" to the layman. Print full-size at 44" x 38" or on 11" x 17" paper.

Size and Occurrence of Floods- Activity
Students use macaroni or beans to calculate the statistics of floor recurrence.