Youth and Education in Science

Community College Student Internships

Note: Internships at USGS are only open to US citizens

Community college students are a diverse group of learners that span ages and experience. Internships for these students can benefit both the students and the USGS.

Northern Virginia Community College – Fairfax CO Virginia
Since 2012, USGS has welcomed NOVA students in a formal partnership in which students work on a volunteer agreement at the USGS headquarters in Reston VA, and at the same time get course credit at NOVA. In 2018 the program expanded outside the geology department, to include prospective interns in many of the fields USGS hires in, including ecology, chemistry, business, and communications. Students who are interested should contact Wilma Aleman-Gonzales for the current NOVA faculty contact. USGS scientists who are interested should fill out this internal form to request an intern.

Timing: Applications for fall internships are accepted from students in mentors in April, and placements are made by June for a September start. For spring internships, applications are accepted in November and placements are made in December for a January start.


Eleanour Snow

Manager, Youth and Education Programs
Office of Science Quality and Integrity - YES
Phone: 703-648-6647

Wilma B Aleman Gonzalez

Staff Scientist
Office of Science Quality and Integrity
Phone: 703-648-6932