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March 6, 2019

It is intended for use in removing aftershocks or "declustering" the catalog. The methods used are described in "Second-Order Moment of Central California Seismicity, 1969-1982" (P. Reasenberg, JGR v.90., pp.5479-5495, 1985). The current version (CLUSTER2000x) reads catalogs in a variety of standard formats. However, it is not fully Y2000 compatible. While it reads the Y2K formats for HYPOINVERSE and HYPO71, CLUSTER2000x requires all data to belong to one century.

Author: Paul Reasenberg
Usage: Identify clusters (e.g., aftershocks) in an earthquake catalog
Platform: Unix, or any platform with Fortran
Interface: Parameters read from standard input
Input: Catalog text file
Output: Several text files
Download: Fortran source code (35k), Makefile (233b)