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FloPy: Python Package for Creating, Running, and Post-Processing MODFLOW-Based Models

August 6, 2021

Overview of FloPy

Map from FloPy showing water information for the San Pedro River Basin.
FloPy generated map showing the computed capture fraction of water from head‐dependent boundaries as a function of well location in the Upper San Pedro Basin model layer corresponding to the lower basin fill after 10 years of pumpage. The maximum areal extent of the active model domain and the location of stream boundary conditions in all model layers are also shown.

FloPy is a Python package for creating, running, and post-processing MODFLOW-based models. FloPy includes support for MODFLOW 6MODFLOW-2000MODFLOW-2005, MODFLOW-NWTMODFLOW-USG, and MODFLOW-LGR. Other supported MODFLOW-based models include MODPATH (version 6), MT3DMT3D-USGS, and SEAWAT.

The most recent version of FloPy and supporting information can be found on the GitHub website, where users can also submit code issues or questions.


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