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GW_Chart: A Program for Creating Specialized Graphs Used in Groundwater Studies

June 26, 2020

Overview of GW_Chart

Graph of budget components from a MT3D-USGS simulation versus time generated by GW_Chart based on results from a hypothetical model.

GW_Chart is a program for creating specialized graphs used in groundwater studies. It incorporates the functionality of two previous programs, Budgeteer and Hydrograph Extractor and adds additional new features. There are seven major types of graphs created with GW_Chart:

  • Calibration Plots
  • Water Budget Plots
  • Hydrographs
  • Lake Plots
  • Piper Diagrams
  • Cell Water Budgets
  • Farm Budgets

It reads data from the following programs to create these plots:

  • MOC3D
  • MT3D
  • HST3D
  • UCODE-2005

GW_Chart can also convert cell-by-cell budget files or zeta file generated by MODFLOW to text files.


Download Current Version of GW_Chart

The current release is GW_Chart v.1.30.0.

GW_Chart compiled for Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vistas, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10

To install, either download and run the installer or download and unzip the zip file.

GW_Chart Source Code

Delphi Components

These components plus a modified version of the TChart package (version 6.01) from Steema Software are required to compile GW_Chart. The required modifications of TChart are described in the file ReadMe.txt in the source code for GW_Chart above.

How to Cite GW_Chart

This USGS software has two citations associated with it.

  1. The report citation is for the original report or article documenting the underlying theory, methods, instructions, and (or) applications at the time the initial version of the software was released. This digital object identifier (DOI) is for the report.
  2. The software release citation is for the software/code itself (now referred to by USGS as a "Software Release") and references a specific version of the code and associated release date. This DOI links to the code.

In instances where an author is citing use of this software, it would be appropriate to cite both the report documenting the code and the specific software release version that was used.

Report Citations for GW_Chart

Winston, R.B., 2000, Graphical User Interface for MODFLOW, Version 4: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 00-315, 27 p.,

Software/Code Citation for GW_Chart

Winston, R.B., 2020, GW_Chart version 1.30 : U.S. Geological Survey Software Release, 26 June 2020,

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Publication Year 2020
Title GW_Chart: A Program for Creating Specialized Graphs Used in Groundwater Studies
Product Type Software Release
Record Source USGS Digital Object Identifier Catalog