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Marfac Machine Vision Camera Interface

September 9, 2021

This project contains the C# software developed to control and acquire imagery from a FLIR GigE machine vision camera. It is built using the FLIR Spinnaker 64bit SDK version and requires the spinview application and associated dll's.

This software was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 to control and acquire imagery from a GigE machine vision camera (Model: BFS-PGE-50S5C-C, though it should work with others). The camera is housed in an underwater cabled system, lowered from the water surface, and used to capture geo-located, calibrated macro-photographs of in situ sediment from a riverbed, seafloor, or lakebed. The imagery is then processed to estimate sediment properties such as grain size distributions and it can be used for sediment transport studies and as input to sediment transport models. It is written to be easily incorporated by other projects using this and similar cameras.