PCMSC Marine Facility (Marfac)

Science Center Objects

Marfac is the operational arm of the Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center. The Marine Facility staff provides mechanical and electronics expertise for field operations along the coast, in the nearshore environment, and in the deeper waters of the ocean.

Small silver metal boat with USGS lettering on the side, water is splashing up on the side and a small wake is formed.

The USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center, located in Santa Cruz, California, owns and operates research vessel Snavely to collect a variety of data and conduct a variety of surveys. Credit: Tom Reiss, USGS


Currie, Jackson 

Physical Scientist, jecurrie@usgs.gov

Dal Ferro, Pete

Engineering Technician, pdalferro@usgs.gov

Elfers, Tim

Marine Operations Manager, telfers@usgs.gov

Hatcher, Gerry

Ocean Engineer, ghatcher@usgs.gov

Johnson, Cordell

Physical Scientist, cordell_johnson@usgs.gov

Kennedy, Daniel

UCSC Contractor, Junior Specialist, dkennedy@usgs.gov

Marcuson, Rachel

Engineering Technician, rmarcuson@usgs.gov

McKee, Jenny

Engineering Technician, jmckee@usgs.gov

Powers, Dan

Marine Technician, dcpowers@usgs.gov

Reiss, Tom

Oceanographer, treiss@usgs.gov

Wyland, Rob

Ocean Engineer, rwyland@usgs.gov