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September 19, 2022
model of topographic hill with colored gradient
Model of 3D slope stability of a volcano edifice computed using Scoops3D software. (From Scoops3D user’s manual.) (Public domain.)

Version 1.3.01 release now available

Scoops3D evaluates slope stability throughout a digital landscape represented by a digital elevation model (DEM). The program uses a three-dimensional (3D) method of columns limit-equilibrium analysis to assess the stability of many potential landslides (typically millions) within a user-defined size range. For each potential landslide, Scoops3D assesses the stability of a rotational, spherical slip surface encompassing many DEM cells. It provides the least-stable potential landslide for each DEM cell in the landscape, as well the associated volumes and (or) areas.

The user's manual includes: the theoretical basis for the slope-stability analysis, requirements for constructing a 3D domain, a detailed operational guide and input/output file specifications, practical considerations for conducting an analysis, results of verification tests, and multiple examples illustrating the capabilities of Scoops3D.


  • Simple graphical user interface (Scoops3D-i)
  • Easy integration of input/output files with Geographical Information System (GIS) software
  • Subsurface material layers or full 3D distribution of material properties
  • Pore pressure effects with piezometric surfaces or full 3D distributions of pore pressures or pressure heads
  • 3D variably saturated pressure heads or pore pressures, including the effects of unsaturated suction stresses


Download complete installation package including software and documentation (recommended).

Easy-to-install software packages for Windows or Macintosh operating systems, includes Scoops3D, Scoops3D-i, and Scoops3D manual:

Download individual components of Scoops3D package.

          Compiled code for Scoops3D for use at command line. Does not include Scoops3D-i.


Publication Year 2022
Title Scoops3D
Product Type Software Release
Record Source USGS Digital Object Identifier Catalog