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SPARROW modeling: Estimating contaminant transport

January 25, 2018

Current SPARROW model execution requires the SAS (Statistical Analysis System Institute) software components, including Base SAS, the SAS statistical procedures (SAS/STAT) and SAS/IML. The SPARROW model code is written in SAS Macro Language, with statistical procedures written in the SAS IML. A basic knowledge of the Base SAS software is required to develop simple SPARROW models. Modifications to the model code to develop more complex models require more detailed knowledge of SAS/IML language and programming.

SPARROW runs with SAS version 8.0 (or higher), supported on Windows 95 or Windows NT Version 4.0 (or higher). The SAS Geographic Information System (SAS/GIS) software component is optional for producing maps of model output. The minimum hardware configuration is Intel or Intel-compatible Pentium class processor with 64 megabytes of memory, and XGA or SVGA monitors with minimum screen resolution of 800x600. The work directory used by the SAS system must be of sufficient capacity to hold files as large as several hundred megabytes.

Publication Year 2018
Title SPARROW modeling: Estimating contaminant transport
Product Type Software Release
Record Source USGS Digital Object Identifier Catalog