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Planetary Geologic Mappers Meeting

Active mappers meet once a year during the early summer to present progress on planetary geologic mapping projects. Principal investigators with currently funded NASA geologic mapping projects are required to attend in order to present the status of mapping efforts and obtain guidance for map formatting and submission.

Attendance by scientists and students interested in cartography, geologic mapping, and map-related topical science is encouraged. Meetings are announced by the chair of the Geologic Mapping Subcommittee (GEMS) and are also posted to various community announcement pages, such as the Planetary Exploration Newsletter calendar of events. The Planetary Geologic Mappers meetings are usually held alternately at the USGS in Flagstaff, AZ and other locations where a geologic field trip can be conducted. Starting in 2000, abstracts began to be accepted for meeting presentations. All meeting abstracts can be accessed through the table below.


Abstracts of the Annual Planetary Geologic Mappers Meeting

Year Meeting Dates Location Link
2022 June 22-23 Flagstaff, AZ / Virtual (hybrid) 2022 Meeting abstracts
2021 June 14-15 Virtual 2021 Meeting abstracts
2020 July 23 Virtual 2020 Meeting abstracts
2019 June 12-14 Flagstaff, AZ 2019 Meeting abstracts
2018 June 12-14 Knoxville, TN 2018 Meeting abstracts
2017 June 12-15 Flagstaff, AZ 2017 Meeting abstracts
2016 June 13-15 Flagstaff, AZ 2016 Meeting abstracts
2015 June 22-24 Honolulu, HI 2015 Meeting abstracts
2014 June 23-25 Flagstaff, AZ 2014 Meeting abstracts
2013 June 19-21 Flagstaff, AZ 2013 Meeting abstracts
2012 June 18-21 Flagstaff, AZ 2012 Meeting abstracts
2011 June 21-24 Greenbelt, MD 2011 Meeting abstracts
2010 June 21-23 Flagstaff, AZ 2010 Meeting abstracts
2009 June 24-26 San Antonio, TX 2009 Meeting abstracts
2008 June 23-26 Flagstaff, AZ 2008 Meeting abstracts
2007 June 28-29 Tucson, AZ 2007 Meeting abstracts
2006 June 29-30 Nampa, ID 2006 Meeting abstracts
2005 June 23-24 Washington, D.C. 2005 Meeting abstracts
2004 June 17-19 Flagstaff, AZ 2004 Meeting abstracts
2003 June 19-20 Providence, RI 2003 Meeting abstracts
2002 June 21-22 Tempe, AZ 2002 Meeting abstracts
2001 June 18-19 Albuquerque, NM 2001 Meeting abstracts
2000 June 22-24 Flagstaff, AZ 2000 Meeting abstracts