Alexa Van Eaton


My work focuses on the dynamics of explosive eruptions—especially volcanic plumes and pyroclastic density currents. I take a field-based approach to reconstructing the processes recorded in volcanic deposits. But I also try to bring together diverse techniques (textural analysis, geophysics, remote sensing, modeling) to tackle a range of interesting problems in physical volcanology.

Some current projects include:

  • Volcanic lightning as a monitoring tool to investigate eruption dynamics and hazards
  • Textural and modeling studies of ash aggregation, and impacts on the lifetime of volcanic clouds
  • Stratigraphy of eruptive processes at Cascades volcanoes, including Mount St. Helens and Glacier Peak
  • Satellite detection of umbrella cloud growth to determine mass eruption rates
  • Numerical modeling of volcanic plume dynamics, atmospheric transport, and fallout


Personal webpage



Since 2017    Research Geologist, USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory

2015-2017    USGS Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellow

2013-2015    NSF Earth Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow (link to award abstract)

2007-2012    Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, Ph.D., Geology (link to dissertation)

2002-2006    University of Florida, Gainesville, B.S. summa cum laude, Geology with English minor



George Walker Medal (2017, IAVCEI)     

John Gamble Award in Geology (2011, Victoria University of Wellington)

New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship (2007-2010)


Publications (Google Scholar profile)


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Before 2015

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