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Caleb P. Roberts, PhD

Unit Leader - Arkansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Dr. Roberts’ research centers on how ecological resilience across populations, communities, landscapes, and continents manifests or erodes and how resilience can be maintained through management. Geographically, Dr. Roberts research covers Arkansas, the Great Plains, and the North American continent. Taxonomically, Dr. Roberts primarily uses birds, insects, mammals, and plants in his research. Topically, his research covers invasive species management in terms of early detection and rapid response, landscape ecology, community ecology, fire ecology, examining logic behind natural resources policies, effects of climate change, and quantifying outcomes of management and restoration actions. To conduct his research, Dr. Roberts uses a variety of spatial analyses, data integration approaches, multivariate statistics, nonlinear modeling, and both Bayesian and frequentist statistical approaches. Dr. Roberts teaches two courses—Invasion Ecology and Ecosystem Monitoring and Assessment. Dr. Roberts works closely with cooperators (Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, US Fish & Wildlife Service) as well as other state and national partners (Natural Resources Conservation Service, Sage Grouse Initiative, Quail Forever, Working Lands for Wildlife).