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Chad Teal, PhD

Assistant Unit Leader - Utah Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Before coming to Arizona, Chad earned my Master’s degree from the University of Miami where he researched aquaculture techniques of new fishes cobia, mahi mahi, and Florida pompano for commercial enterprises. Chad then built and became the Lead Educator and Technical Director of an off-grid floating environmental education center, the Miami Science Barge.

Chad's lab focuses on fishes’ biology for the development and implementation of novel technologies and techniques for fisheries management and aquaculture. This includes exploiting the sexual biology and specific life histories of invasive species to assist traditional removal efforts, investigating sustainable aquaculture technologies and practices, and utilizing genomic methods to eradicate aquatic invasive species and conserve threatened species. Chad's team investigates fundamental biological and ecological questions to understand life history and demographic processes in native and invasive fish species. Chad's team conducts applied research which can be useful for natural resource agencies and private industries.