Christina Neal

Volcanologist with 37 years experience in hazard science, communications, mitigation, and leadership.


I have been working for the USGS on various aspects of volcanology, eruption response, and hazard mitigation since 1983. My introduction to volcanoes started in college looking at Viking Orbiter images of Olympus Mons on Mars. My first Earthly volcano was Mount St. Helens where I prowled the pumice plain in 1982. I learned about lava and volcano monitoring at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory in the early days of the Pu`u`O`o eruption and mapped the summit and southwest rift zone of Kīlauea Volcano. In 1985, I spent a month at sea on an ALVIN expedition to the active propagating rift system near the Galapagos at 95.5W. I moved to the newly-formed Alaska Volcano Observatory in 1990 where I led and participated in eruption response studies at Redoubt, Spurr, Augustine, Okmok, and following many smaller events in the Aleutians. My science focused on eruptive histories, young pyroclastic deposits and processes, and hazard assessment. Volcanoes I know well include: Spurr, Redoubt, Ukinrek, Aniakchak, Black Peak, and Okmok. I've developed strong interests and experience in managing volcano hazard information, warning systems, interagency coordination, and volcanic ash and aviation hazards.  While at AVO, I led collaboration with with colleagues in Kamchatka and Sakhalin to expand Russian eruption warning systems. I served for two years (1998-2000) as the first Geoscience Advisor to USAID's Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance where I facilitated U.S. programming to reduce disaster risk abroad. From 2009-2010, I completed two details to the USGS Western Regional Office as Chief of Staff and Deputy Regional Director. In 2011-2012, I represented the Volcano Hazards Program on the USGS Hazards Mission Strategic Science Planning effort. I served as Scientist-in-Charge of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory from 2015-2020, overseeing a staff of 30 and managing response to the 2018 lower East Rift Zone eruption and summit collapse of Kīlauea.  During my tenure, I focused on hiring a new generation of HVO scientists, planning for new facilities and science initiatives using an influx of Congressional funding following the 2018 event, and preparing for a Mauna Loa eruption. I have now returned to Anchorage and the Alaska Volcano Observatory to complete Alaska volcano studies long on hold and special projects on behalf of the USGS Alaska Region.  


Selected Publications

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