Courtney Conway, Ph.D.

Courtney grew up in Cincinnati and spent many of his weekends camping, hiking, backpacking, and climbing in OH, KY, and WV. He was motivated to find a career where he could continue to do these activities as part of his job, while still contributing to science.


Only Courtney's five most recent publications are shown here. For more information about Courtney, including a full publications list, visit his profile page on the Idaho Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit web site. 

Courtney also can be reached at his University of Idaho email address:


  • Ph D University of Montana 1998
  • MS University of Wyoming 1990
  • BS Colorado State University 1985

Research Interests

  • Avian ecology 
  • Behavioral ecology
  • Conservation biology
  • Life history evolution
  • Avian migration

Teaching Interests

I teach Conceptual Foundations in Ecology, a 3-credit graduate class on critical thinking, the scientific method, and how to develop and test mechanisitic hypotheses in ecology. I also occasionally teach or co-teach graduate seminars on topics in avian ecology.