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David Ausband, PhD

Assistant Unit Leader - Idaho Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Dr. Ausband received his Msc and PhD from the University of Montana and was a Senior Wildlife Research Biologist for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game before joining the Idaho Unit in 2018. He began his research career studying snowshoe hares and carnivore reintroductions such as those for swift foxes and gray wolves in the western U.S. Currently, his research program focuses largely on carnivore ecology, management, and conservation. Additionally, when sought out by collaborators, he conducts research on various topics of pressing management needs. He collaborates widely with state, federal, and tribal wildlife agencies on research that provides both applied and basic inferences. Additionally, he provides research leadership by maintaining a long-term research program on gray wolves whose questions encompass the behavioral ecology of cooperative breeders, harvest management, population monitoring, and population ecology. Dr. Ausband teaches graduate courses in Advanced Fish and Wildlife Management and Science Communication.<br><br>