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Desiree Robertson-Thompson, Ph.D.

Desiree Robertson-Thompson is the Research Coordinator for the USGS Midwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (MW CASC).

Desiree (Desi) is the Research Coordinator for the Midwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (MW CASC), one of the nine regional centers that form the National and Regional Climate Adaptation Science Centers network.

Prior to this role, Desi served as the research coordinator for the National Park Service’s Great Lakes Research and Education Center, where she coordinated projects across several park units in collaboration with partners from multiple agencies, conservation organizations, and universities. Her focus was on promoting science-based stewardship, advancing public awareness of science within parks, and cultivating the next generation of park scientists.

Desi is an entomologist with expertise in caddisfly taxonomy and phylogenetics. Most recently, her work has focused on understanding the role of habitat restoration and management in pollinator conservation. She is especially interested in the integration of climate science into insect conservation.  

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