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Donald Joseph Jeandervin

Joe Jeandervin is a Hydrologic Technician in the USGS New England Water Science Center.

Joe spent sixteen years in the United States Navy as an airborne sonar operator utilizing both passive and active sonar suites and testing and evaluating sonar sensor software. 

He is currently a water quality technician in the Connecticut Field Office where he samples both Network and NAWQA sites in southern New England.  He is also involved in the sampling for Harmful Algal Blooms on the Connecticut River in CT and is a member of the New England ADCP group.

His interests are: hydroacoustics, physics of sound in water, bathymetry and oceanography as it relates to hydroacoustics transducers and sensors. He is also interested in hydroacoustics applications of velocity mapping, bathymetry and sediment transport using hydroacoustics devices.