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Emily R Schmeltzer, PhD

Emily is a Biologist with the Eastern Ecological Science Center at Patuxent Wildlife Research Refuge in Laurel, MD. Emily uses metagenomics and bioinformatic tools to research microbial ecology, specifically the roles of viruses and bacteria in response to increasing anthropogenic stressors in marine and terrestrial environments.

Emily's uses many novel "omics" methods and bioinformatic tools to explore the viromes and microbiomes of animal holobionts in collaborative field studies. Current projects focus on disease vector potential and microbial holobiont characterization of both ticks and migratory/nuisance/subsistence bird species, as well as microbiome dysbiosis and microbial disease phenotypes in coral reef ecosystems. Emily especially enjoys interdisciplinary research and frequently works on projects with fieldwork, laboratory, and bioinformatic components to answer broad-reaching questions.