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Gary D Latzke

Gary Latzke is the Chief of Staff for the USGS Natural Hazard Mission Area, where he provides leadership and oversight on a wide range of issues of strategic importance.

As Chief of Staff, Gary provides authoritative consultation on program and operational strategies that substantively impact program direction. As a Mission Area senior staff member, Gary provides advanced technical guidance and information to USGS top-level officials and other federal agencies, partners, and stakeholders. Gary serves as the Mission Area subject matter expert on the planning and execution of human capital requirements and actions.

Gary's interests include cartographic communication, information management, information delivery systems, high-performing team building, and human capital management. Gary established the Web Informatics and Mapping program, which develops web-based tools that support USGS science and other federal science initiatives and served as Program Manager for the Geospatial Platform Cloud Services Program, which supports cloud hosting infrastructures for all federal state and local government for GIS application, data, and services.