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John F Noreika

John Noreika is a Hydraulic Engineer (Emeritus) at the USGS S.O. Conte Research Laboratory at Turners Falls, Massachusetts


My role focuses on the design, construction and testing of both models and full scale hydraulic structures related to fish passage in support of ongoing research projects.  I take both conceptual designs and specific fish passage structures and prepare construction drawings for both modeling and full scale structures, purchase the necessary materials, oversee the construction and prepare all the necessary hydraulic instruments and components for the testing phase. In the testing phase my responsibilities revolve around data acquisition and reduction of data in support of the Principle Investigator in charge of the research.


  • BS Civil engineering 1974

  • MS Environmental Engineering 1979

  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Current Position

My expertise is in hydraulic modeling, hydraulic field measurements and fish passage design. My work involves the design of fish passage structures and the evaluation of their effectiveness for the sustainability of migratory and in river species. Effectiveness evaluations are conducted within the hydraulic lab, flume building and in the field. My work involves collection and testing of the various fish species in the evaluation process.