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Lindsay A. Davis

As the Earthquake Disaster Assistance Team (EDAT) Manager, Lindsay Davis serves as the coordinator and spokesperson for international capacity building and response activities under EDAT, which are bilaterally funded by USGS and USAID's Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA). 

Lindsay Davis manages the portfolio of USGS-USAID/BHA-funded projects related to international earthquake and landslide capacity building and response. Davis is the spokesperson and coordinator for EDAT activities and supports scientists from across multiple programs in proposal development and project execution. In her role, she serves as a liaison between USGS and USAID and as a geoscience advisor for BHA. Davis is also a research affiliate of the Natural Hazards Center (NHC) at the University of Colorado Boulder and collaborates on education and outreach projects in Puerto Rico related to earthquakes and landslides. After earning a B.S. in environmental health from Colorado State University, Davis earned a Peace Corps Master's International degree in geology from Michigan Technological University. Her graduate work focused on conducting research on natural hazards in the rural highlands of El Salvador where she served as a Peace Corps volunteer from 2013-2015. She has worked in Washington D.C. as a Science Policy Fellow with the Geological Society of America and as a Peace Corps Response Volunteer in disaster risk reduction and management in the Philippines. In addition, Davis has held short-term positions in gas geochemistry with the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory and risk communication and emergency management with the Southern California Earthquake Center and California State University Fullerton. 

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