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Logan Huse

Logan Huse is the Rapid Response Coordinator for the Brown Treesnake Project. 

Logan Huse is a Biologist for the Fort Collins Science Center where he is stationed on Guam as the Rapid Response Coordinator for the Brown Treesnake Project. He leads USGS Rapid Response team deployments to other Pacific Islands in search of incipient Brown Treesnake populations. He provides in-depth training to several other rapid response teams across the Mariana and Pacific islands to ensure team members are effective in finding and capturing snakes in the field. He coordinates with various agencies on current snake sightings and projects as well as assisting USGS Research Ecologists on developing and implementing new research methods to more effectively eradicate and control the spread of the Brown Treesnake. He also performs outreach and public education on Brown Treesnakes throughout the Pacific region.

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