Mark Germain Alvarez

Mark "Marcos" Alvarez manages the field operations for the Southern California Seismic Network at Caltech from the USGS field office in Pasadena CA.  His interests lie in seismic instrumentation, experimentation, data processing and project management.  


Selected Projects

  • Earthquake Early Warning: SCSN site design, permitting, installation and operation
  • Trimble combined GNSS-Accelerometer instrument (SG160-09): testing, modification and validation
  • Deep borehole (5Km) seismic string, DongHai China: Design, design, manufacuture and installation
  • Geothermal seismic monitoring and sensor design,  New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Kenya, Indonesia, USA
  • USArray, Flexible and Transportable Array:  NSF funded facility, early startup design and management
  • Lithoprobe, active seismic source experiements accross Canada
  • InDepth, active seismic experiments accross Tibetean Plateau
  • Parkfield Earthquake Prediction Experiement
  • Aftershock deployments,  Loma Prieta, Kobe, Landers, Hector Mines, Chile, Chi Chi, Ridgecrest

Work Experience

  • USGS , Supervisory Geophysicist, Pasadena California . 2016 - Present
  • Trimble Navigation, Engineer, 2013 -2016
  • Institute of Earth Science and Engineering (IESE), Director of Commercial Operations, Auckland New Zealand, 2008 - 2013
  • Incorporated Research Institutes for Seismology (IRIS), Deputy Program Manager, 2003 -2009
  • New Mexico Tech, Director of the IRIS-PASSCAL Instrument Center, 1998 -2003
  • Stanford University, Director of Operation IRIS-PASSCAL, 1992-1998
  • Marine Science Institute, UC Santa Barbara, Research Associate, 1986-1987
  • Martin Marieta Aerospace, Vandenburg AFB, Associate Engineer, 1985 -1986


Duke University, Durham North Carolina, M.S. Geophysics - 1992

University of California, Santa Barbara,  B.S. Mech. Engineering, Geology 1985


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