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Mitch Bergeson

Mitch is the National Map Liaison for IA, MN, and WI.

Mitch joined the NGP in 2021 and comes from the US Fish and Wildlife Service's, National Wetlands Inventory where he was the Project Lead for over 13 years working on the National Wetlands Inventory database, Wetlands Mapper and the Wetlands Status and Trends Projects. Mitch held roles as a FGDC Data Steward for the FWS Wetlands Dataset and a member of the FWS Geospatial Steering Committee. Prior to that he worked for the USGS for 8 years as a GIS Specialist for the Office of Water’s Cartography and Publishing Program working on various geospatial projects including the modernization of the FWS Wetlands Database and Wetlands Status and Trends Studies.  Previously he worked as a Research Scientist for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on studies focused on trumpeter swans, amphibians, small mammals, forest ecology and wetlands.